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Excess Bile Production - why?!

So after a long history of stomach problems (pain, nausea, no pattern, mostly in the moderate range) I finally decided to man up and get an endoscopy - not to mention, I finally had health insurance that would actually cover it! I had been diagnosed with several things over the years, but treatments never helped and nothing was for sure.

I am 26-years-old, female, with an otherwise good health background. Non-smoker, I don't drink (makes me sick), and I eat a pretty healthy diet. I've had stomach problems for about 12 years, and as of the past two years I've also been blessed with IBS.

Endoscopy showed normal esophagus (not reflux), inflammation in the stomach/duodenum, and excess bile in the stomach. Biopsy results all came back negative so I don't have h. pylori, or Celiac disease, or any of the other things they check for. The dr says the excess bile is causing the inflammation in my stomach/duodenum, and we need to find out why this is happening and stop it. She has ordered a gastric empty study for right now.

My question is, the ONLY thing I can see online that causes excess bile production is removal of the gallbladder... mine is still hanging out, as I've never had any surgeries to remove anything. I do not take any medications. What else can cause excess bile production, does anyone know?

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