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Re: How can I tell if stomach symptoms are pointing to GI problems or possibly OC?

Originally Posted by leogurrrl View Post
Hello, I am in need of some advice relating to a problem that started in October 2010 (so started fifteen months ago), remitted for about five months, and now has come back. I am trying to figure out if my problem is truly a gastro problem or if it could be ovarian cancer with GI symptoms.

I have been worked up by the OB/GYN with a CT scan, transvaginal ultrasound, and pelvic exam which were ALL normal. HOWEVER, my CA-125 has been moderately elevated, which makes me not want to abandon the possibility of ovarian cancer. I have actually had these tests repeated TWICE, all normal except the slightly elevated CA-125 (which was 32, and then 46). I am a pre-menopausal female, so this figure did not alarm her, even though it was higher than the upper limit of 35. I don't seem to have any of the other symptoms of OC, though for a while I was having pelvic pain that has since resolved, but does come back from time to time (appears to be a pain in groin that can come and go for a few weeks, then disappears for months).

I had an endoscopy last January that showed 'inflamed gastic cardiac mucosa consistent with reflux esophagitis". They found two benign fundic polyps without a whole lot to say about those. I have had HORRIBLE burning stomach pains across the bottom of my rib cage for months. It started last Jan./February and went away after a few months on Omnaeprazole. I had FIVE OR SIX months of relief after stopping the medication, then it started up again in December. I started the meds again and am NOT getting any relief.

1. Does the endoscopy results from above saying "inflamed gastric cardiac mucosa consistent with reflux esophagitis" mean that my problem IS gastroenterological and NOT OB/GYN? I don't understand whether or not I can rule out my stomach problems being connected to an ob/gyn issue (specifically ovarian cancer).

2. If this is ovarian cancer, wouldn't something have shown up on a CT or ultrasound after fifteen months?

HOW DO I PURSUE this feeling of constant pain and being sick??? With a GI or GYN?? I am so tired of living this way ( My mental and emotional well-being have long been gone. Not sure how much more I can take (

Hii i hope you are still active on the board i came across your old post and i hope you get this message. I have been having ca125 test as my mom died from ovarian cancer. I have had so many fluctuations mostly in normal range and now the last one was 39 slightly above normal but i am worried. I read that period can raise the result so i have had the test on day 10 of 12 of my cycle. I was wondering what your numbers were and when during your menstural cycle do you usually get the test done ? I would appreciate your reply. Thank you.