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Re: Is anyone else diagnosed with CPEO?

I am optimistic about the future , hopefully the sling operation will make a big difference but having read some of the posts I now realise there could be some complications but as itis my only option I want to have it done. To answer your questions campal, I was diagnosed about 15 years ago, for the previous 15 or so I was seeing an eye specialist regularly for droopy eyelids and limited eye movement but he didnt say ,,cpeo until he sent me for further tests to a neurologist who had a thigh muscle biopsy done under local anasthetic , it wasnt very pleasant but not too bad. After that I had yearly checks for muscle problems which showed facial limits, my smile is not as broad as it once was but not too bad, and also my grip is not what it should be but again not too limiting. I dont drive this is due to having to turn my head rather than quickly glance was a risk I nor my driving instructor felt was worth taking, I think this is down to each individual to decide. I dont have double vision all the time and my specialist said normally the brain compensates for the lack of eye movement, I am struggling now as I have been looking at the screen for too long, sorry but I will have to leave it for now, take care