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Originally Posted by Sg1985 View Post
At birth the doctors. Told my parents that they thought I would have epilepsy. But I didn't take seizures. Till I was 25 years old and they were partial ones. I scared the crap out of my parents the first one I took I was talking then all of suddenly I feel back into a chair. I rembered everything about it soo I then get told by the doctor to go for the MRI and the EEG. . They couldn't get me a for sure answer since my brain been screwed up a bit since birth I was in special Ed in high school .

Any how I got on a pill I been fine. But now once in a while I get strange feelings coming over me. Should I call the doctor about that. .
Hi There,

Yes, contact your Dr.
I would keep a journal and write down what you are experiencing and the strange feelings you say you get sometimes. This way your Dr. will be able get a better understanding of what this is. With some simple partial seizures, people will feel strange sensations, feelings, etc.

I'm not sure how the Dr.'s that delivered you, could at that moment say that you would have epilepsy, unless you suffered trauma to your brain during the delivery, and in that case, you would think there could be legal implications resulting from negligence on the part of the Dr.'s. Unless of course there was something noted in utero about your brain development through ultrasound or other tests, and it had nothing to do with the delivery. In that case, your mom would have been notified well before your birth.

In any event, I'm sorry that this has happened to you. Good luck.
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