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Re: Is anyone else diagnosed with CPEO?

Bullfinch... your story/symptoms so similar to mine. Here in Tampa, Florida, my neuro. told me he doesn't do muscle biopsys. one Neuo opthmo wouldnt' even see b/c i DON"T have much double vision. I hate driving b/c my eyeballs don't move right or left. PPL don't understand how much I hate driving. On a bright sunny day, i wear two pairs of sunglassses. I am also bothered by the computer so am having a hard time finding a sit down job b/c i have chronic heel pain. Anyway... thx for your comment... I can really relate and love your positive attitude. I dont drive at night b/c with all the glare of the lights and all plus no movement w. eyeballs... that is just too difficult and scary.

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