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Re: Surgery Tomorrow, 2-22-13

I've had pain in my URQ since the first week in September. It started off as pain and nausea, but the nausea eventually eased.

Initially, the GI (NP actually) assumed a stomach issue, so they ran blood tests (all fine) and scheduled an endoscopy. That came back fine, with the exception of minor gastritis - which was treated with carafate. I was so annoyed because I KNEW my stomach wasn't the issue, that it was most likely my gallbladder, but they wouldn't run another HIDA because I had one done 10 months early that came back "normal" (83%) in their mind. That was the 1st week in October. Pain persisted, but I honestly don't even remember what was done about it during Oct-Dec. I know they wanted me to try amitriptyline but I could never get myself to take it. By December I was so frustrated and finally told them that I was demanding an ultrasound of my gallbladder, since they wouldn't redo the HIDA. The ultrasound showed sludge. That was the first week in January. I was referred to a surgeon who immediately basically said, "out with your gallbladder!". But he also wanted to do a CT scan of my abdomen to make sure there was something being missed. I had that done on January 17th and that, again, came back fine. More blood work at the end of January, then a visit with the GI NP one week before surgery was scheduled. I told her about how I read here that a score of 83% on a HIDA was NOT normal and she looked at me like I was crazy. Even brought in the *actual* GI (she was the nurse practitioner for the GI) and that's when he changed the course of everything. Even HE never heard of "overactive gallbladder". After reviewing my tests, he told me to cancel surgery and that we were going to try some other things first. First up, was repeat HIDA. I had that done last Thursday (2.14.13) and it came back at 87%. Again, they claimed that as "normal". The next step in the GI's plan was antibiotics. I have a fear of new meds and after researching the two antibiotics online, I just couldn't take them. And then yesterday morning (2.20.13) around 4am I woke up in absolute excruciating pain and ended up going to the ER. Where, of course, they can only treat the pain not the real issue. So the basically just doped me up (didn't even WORK!) and sent me on my way with a prescription for Bentyl (anti-spasmodic, mostly used for IBS). I got home from the hospital yesterday morning and the pain just never eased up. So last night I just decided I was done fighting. Called and made an appointment with the surgeon this morning, was lucky I was able to see him today (and the specific one that the GI WANTED me to see, not the dumb guy from last time). When he came into the room today, he was like, "you have sludge - those are small stones! no wonder you're in so much pain!". We went over my history and he decided I should have it taken out ASAP since I've been miserable for so long. I agreed. Tomorrow morning is surgery.