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Re: To have surgery or not

This is not a reply to your message. It is because I am also looking for info. I feel 14 ft on to limestone natural landscape in Nov 11. I was injured severely and almost lost my foot from it. I had two surgeries with the lower half and spent half a year on crutches. All the while I was having pain in the right shoulder. I thought it was a crutch issue. After the crutches I thought I had bursitis. The doctor gave me a steroid shot but said that I was having severe spasms that she could feel. The steroid shot did not work so she sent me to ortho. Ortho said the same thing about the spasms. He put me on two months of pt with a deep steroid shot. He said he thought impingement syndrome but if all was not improved in 2 months it was more than likely a torn rotator cuff. Two months later, no improvement. I had a toradol shot and MRI. MRI shows a complete tear of two tendons (not going to use medical terminology). I more than likely injured myself from e same fall but all attention and pain focused on the lower half of the body. I am scheduled for repair on 7 march. After all the surgery I have had I surely did not want more, but I am an active person and do not want to spend my life with chronic pain. I already deal with so much from my foot. The nights are awful. I dread going to bed and have no energy when I awake.
My doc says the surgery is outpatient, I will spend six weeks with no movement of the shoulder and in the brace, then pt, then at 3 months I will be back to competitive level. Meaning I can go hard.
I get really concerned when folks start talking about the pain being horrific. I guess it is all a matter of pain tolerance. In my previous injury, my doc said it was far worse than knee or hip replacement and that it was time to put the big girl panties on. I made it through and only take pain relievers on an occasional basis although pain is an everyday occurrence for me. When people start speaking about how horrific it is, I really get anxiety wondering if it is worse than what I have already been through. Someone please explain the you mean that you hurt and hurt from it or do you mean pt is horrific? Please explain. I think the not knowing or better yet not understanding is awful. I am a woman, I have given birth (naturally) 3 times. I have had a broken hand. I have had a hysterectomy, and I have spent 5 months in bed with plates, screws, and pins? Is this surgery going to be worse than all of these? Need to know.