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Re: To have surgery or not

Dear Guin

No, no, no. Not Horrific.

I am currently recovering from my second surgery for the same tear, and the pain was only really bad for one or two days afterwards. It's the incapacity that's killing me. They made me wait three months between surgeries, maybe because they are so busy, I don't know, but it's going on over a year of surgery, recovery, pain, surgery, recovery, pain. . . Just never ends. The pain now , six weeks after the second surgery is worrying me because it was getting better, took off my sling for two days, which was allowed, and then it got bad again. So I'm poking this post out one-handed, and it's getting old. And the pain is all in my bicep, my lower arm, and the back of my hand. Shoulder doesn't hurt at all.

On the first go around, my therapist, who I believe knows more than my doctor, said the arm pain is from using my hand. All the thousands of little movements when you use your hand inflame the tendons, which make the nerves in your arm hurt. Sort of like sciatica of the arm.

I would be comfortable saying you've suffered worse pain, from everything you listed.

If you are fairly young and healthy, the pt starts a week or two after surgery. Maybe that was too soon for me. This time we are waiting five weeks.

About the pain med's, it is recommended you take them BEFORE the pain gets bad. Also I found it best to take it right before bed, then I'd sleep well for about six hours. But I go from not being able to think straight because of the pain when I wake up, (I have a lot of other problems) to just an underlying sort of throb most of the day.

Hope I've put some of your worries away.

Best of luck to you