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Re: Get off fentanyl with withdrawls?


I am prescribed 100mcg Duragesic Patches(along with oxy 10/325 for bt).It is the only medication that gives me good pain control, and I have been tried on most if not all the other oral LA medications and I didn't get the good pain control I needed, I suffer terrible pain(s/p serious traumatic accident) I also take other meds for neurologic brain/body permanent damage, etc. I also have to get 200 mg inj of testosterone inj every 2wks; long term use of narcotics depletes that hormone, it gives me back energy and sex drive-which was a God-send to my marriage, my husband has been so patient and supportive and am lucky to have him.

The patched allow me to do laundry(med loads) and fold and put away. it takes me all day but at least i can do it, and I can make dinner for my family and lite house cleaning-no heavy lifting-this may sound trivial but to me it is a miracle and I feel useful/important again, where before I coud not leave my bed due to the unbearable pain.

I have also learned(the hard way if you know what I mean)not to discuss my medications with ANYBODY-if I am asked or if a nosy so-called friend or neighbor, even family inquires about my accident and/or meds, I keep my answers very "vague" lol.

I am not ashamed of the meds I take as they allow me to function. I am under the care of some very fine and compassionate doctors, especially my Pain Specialist.

I think that is the key to good treatment when you have this complex problem-CP, having the best doctors you can find and tell them and their staff every once in awhike that you appreciate them and all that they do for you. Especially when you tell the staff cuz imagine the BS they probably have to put up with from lets say "difficult patients"(for lack of a better word-LOL)

Best wishes to you and everyone G.
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