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Re: Excess Bile Production - why?!

Originally Posted by aelise View Post
Interesting! What is the treatment/management for something like that? Have you mostly controlled your symptoms?
I have been sick for months now . I have gone from 125 lb to 102 lb and have been through many test. Had ultra sound , hida scan and upper scope to check for ulcers and biop for h plyori . the only thing to show up was the high ejection rate on the hida scan . As far as i know removal of the gb is all that can be done . I am seeing a surgeon in the morning and i am going to talk to him about it , but i dont think it gets any better. when it is overactive it pushes out too much bile and sometimes can contract so hard and push out so much bile that it will push it up into your stomach that is called bile reflux. There were some days were i just felt toxic and i think it was due to the bile being in my stomach. I would gag when i brushed my teeth and could taste a funny tast when i would gag , at first i thought it was just stomach acid but the upper scope showed stomach looked good no over acid , no ulcers no h plyori . Like i said the only thing showing is the high ejection rate on the gallbladder hida scan