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Longterm fatigue, need help please

Hi all, new here.

Thank you for taking your time for reading this post. I had to make an account here because i'm desperate for answers.

I'm 22 now, ever since the schooling days of from what i can remember. Around maybe 13 years old, i've always woken up with massive fatigue, where i would never want to get out of bed for school and would always be late because of this.

At the time i didn't think much of it because i was young and obviously you think it's normal because you're not wise enough yet to acknowledge a such a problem. So after i graduated year 12 here in Australia, i noticed what a big problem this fatigue was that has ruined my life in ways of being social,working etc.

So i went to the doctors for some answers, at first they were trying to say i had depression, so i went on antidepressant tablets for a while. That didn't help at all. Then i just put up that for a while, not working on being on the doll.

As the fatigue just kept being there lingering, i went back to the doctors and he said well get you to see a sleep doctor. Then when i saw him i got that home sleep study kit to take home and they discovered i had mild sleep apnea and that i should use mouth guard called "Snorer's Friend"

I tried that for a while and got no relief at all, so i went back and said i'll try the cpap machine. No results aswell. Then he said well get you to do a blood test for narcolepsy and didn't have that either.

I've had blood tests for iron etc. Test my thyroid and nothing either. I've been to a ENT specialist and he has checked my nasal passages and nothing wrong there either.

But there is a issue i'm having at the moment called globus pharyngeus, cricopharyngeal spasm i think it's called. I always noticed how sore my throat would feel upon waking up and during the day, even difficulty talking to people because of how uncomfortable it felt.

I started getting into the gym lifting weights at the start of 2012 and was going really well until the next day i was unable to lift my left arm because of my shoulder. So i got a ultrasound on that and said i have inflammation in the bursitis.

So i got a cortizone shot and after that went to a physio to do exercises to strenghten the rotator cuff, after that for a long time, i felt my shoulder got stronger but my trap/neck muscles remained tight.

I saw the doctor about that and he got me to go see a myotherapist. For my first session he said my digastric neck muscle was very tight and said that could be contributing to the cricopharengus spasm issue.

I've seen him 3 times so far and i felt it's improved abit, by maybe 50% and the throat by 50%.

So what i thought was, one time i saw a sleep specialist he looked at my teeth and said it looks like i'm grinding, but nothing came of it. I notice how most of the time during the day my teeth hurt and that sometimes i have an urge to clench them.

So i tried using the mouthguard again and my teeth hurt more after waking up, after using them and the headache i wake up feels like its behind my ears. So i've made an appointment to see a dentist in a few days.

I saw the doctor about the clenching and he thinks its stress related and gave me endep to take before bed. I've been using that for a few days so far and had no relief thus yet.

I got a really healthy diet, i drink a coffee when i get up to get me through when im at work. I also have very vivid dreams.

I could of written alot more but it would be way too long.

So if anyone can help or relate to my story, please give suggestions.


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