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Re: revision surgery

I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to when you say there's a higher chance of complications with revision surgery because that simply isn't the case. If anything, the opposite is true because some of the tissue has already been removed making it easier for the surgeon to visualize the key anatomical landmarks (and your surgeon is planning to use image guidance which will further reduce the risk).

The bigger question I would be asking the doctors is exactly what is the surgery going to accomplish. Simply removing turbinate and sinus tissue is rarely an effective long-term treatment for sinus issues.

Are the doctors you're seeing ENTs in private practice or do they work in teaching hospitals and specialize in treating patients with chronic sinus disease? If they aren't the latter I would find another doctor. I'd also recommend that you see an allergist/immunologist to see if you can sort out the underlying cause of your sinus issues because until you do that you may continue to have issues.

Ultimately the only good answer is to find a an ENT you really like and trust to help get your sinuses healthy (which may require surgery after you've exhausted the medical options) and keep them healthy. My sense from your post is that you haven't found that doctor yet so I'd keep looking.