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Re: Car accident


As to the Ramipril it was stopped about a week after I had the auto accident. So difficult to say what may have been caused by the Rampril and what caused by the accident. I was stopped from taking the Ramipril because of my Potassium levels. The Ramipril was taken because of the kidney issues since it protected the kidney from further deterioration. So is what I was experiencing the result of the medication or from the car accident? I don't have the answer.

As to the days that I was sleeping days on end I have been thru this before, but cant tell you since I dont remember when the last episode was. While I am not sleeping the days away I still feel run down. I was actually able to do some errands that had to be done but then wasn't up for much beyond that.

I am hoping that the MRI can be scheduled in the next few days barring any problem in getting the pre-certification for the MRI. I have to get 2 pre certs for the MRI. If I get the ok I will schedule the MRI hopefully ASAP.

Some days my neck feels better less stress on it But then I go to drive and once again I feel this tightness at the base of the cervical spine. The involuntary movements seem to come and go. Some nights they are extremely active waking me up from sleeping. While other nights I know they are there but are extremely mild in nature.

As to the cause of most of my problems it is difficult to say. There are so many overlapping issues that it is a matter of ruling out one possible diagnosis before getting to the correct diagnosis. Like I got severe cramping in my upper legs this morning. Ever so painful. Is it coming from the spine? Or can it be related to the kidney isses? Tough to say. Maybe both.

Maybe the stiffness I am feeling could it be my arthritis? Or again something related to the accident It does seem to be more severe since the accident. Tough call to make.

Gmak as to my "understanding" vs "empathy" I think at least for me and maybe a lot of us that come here, we come with a different set of eyes. We have lived with pain for so long that we have a different level of understanding thus we understand each other better on the roads that we walk.

I am hoping to hear back from my doctors office today with at least a progress report on the MRI authorization. I have 2 possible locations where I want to have it done. Just have to decide where to have it done.

More later.