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Smile Re: New to having OCD...

Hi Lorelei...

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate just a response...means a lot!

And more so, I feel at least better knowing I am not alone as well. Without access to my doctor (who is also the very best therapist I've every had), I really think I am starting to lose it! I mean first it was just everything that I could actually see that had to look "perfect" and be "perfect", however now it's just getting worse cause it's now what I CAN'T see! I could not sleep last night because I was obsessively thinking about everything in every drawer and every closet...that I haven't been "keeping up with it" so to speak. I at least felt somewhat "normal" that I could kinda toss something...clothes or what have you in a drawer, close it and move on. But I HAD to take all my clothes out of every drawer and closet, including towels/washcloths and not put it all back until everything was either ironed or folded "perfectly". And I remember thinking to myself as I was up till almost 3am that A) I rarely used to use an iron that it would actually collect dust and B) this is NOT fun at all, but I cannot stop! It was awful! And I am exhausted this morning
I emailed my doctor to tell him what I was doing and he told me that his practice will be ready to start seeing me again in March. Well March cannot come fast enough as I feel like I am falling apart fast!

So you have germophobia? How long? I've heard that it's one of the most common forms of OCD. What is the treatment for this type of OCD? I'm reading that for most, it's this Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. That must be just God awful for you.
And believe me, I know far too well about panic attacks. I had one last Friday and it has been a long time since I did have one. It's all obviously linked to a "control" thing with me and keeping everything in my life in order because it was someone changing an appointment time on me at the last minute and I FREAKED! Couldn't breathe, pacing, and my whole body felt like a knot! So I can relate.
I've been psychiatrists my whole life and I actually never heard of "atypical depression". How is that different from the major depression I have?
Sorry for all the questions. It just helps me to know as much as I can.
Thanks so much again.
Hope you have a good day...