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Re: Basal Joint surgery

Originally Posted by margarita889 View Post
Hi Haydena,

Not to worry-my wrist just was complaining about starting a new exercise regimen. Its fine. I do the exercise you described-I agree it is really helpful. After I get my hand heated up in a machine at therapy(kind of interesting-its like a dry whirlpool that blows around heated bits of corn husk) my therapist does it as well to get things moving in all directions.

I'm not really worried about Florida-I've gone in a boot(removeable cast), on crutches, in a wheelchair-you name it. I just want to be at the point where I don't need to go back to therapy after the trip and to be strong enough to accomplish all I have planned. If not I will just have to do it when we go down for the annual work trip in June.

I now have almost all the flexibility back-I can bend my thumb to the palm and when I move it with the other hand I can bend it down to the crease. So I think my surgeon will be really happy to see me when I go in on Tuesday. I am having a recheck on my knees as well, so it should be a great appointment since they are doing well.

You and I are really fortunate that our damaged bits have been repairable! Here's hoping your recovery keeps going as smoothly as possible.

Good healing!

hi linda,
good to read your wrist is fine now. i love the sound of the heated up machine you are having as therapy, especially the blowing corn husks....sounds most interesting and i am sure your hand, wrist benefit from this kind of pt.
you being able to bend your thumb to your palm is excellent.

(hoping you will not need the use of that wheelchair in your boot)

my healing is progressing with the aid of ice packs, traumeel, rest and relaxation. agreed, we are very fortunate in that our damaged parts are repairable..thanks to medical science and great surgeons and pt's.

i am sure your surgeon will be thrilled with your progress. i wish you good luck
for your appointment ( & your knees)

looking forward to hear from you, after tuesday. have a great weekend take good care & continued healing.