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Re: runner / brostrom procedure

Well I went through with the modified brostrom procedure on 1/24. The doctor said it was the loosest ankle he had seen in 22 years of practicing! It was basically shredded so it was kind of crazy that I actually debated the necessity of this surgery. lol As far as post op goes Im now into week #4 of NWB (fiberglass cast). Theres no pain. Its just frustrating getting around and being reliant on other folks to help me with certain things. I did rent one of those knee walker scooter things and its been an absolute life saver for me. My next post op appt is on 3/5 where I will transition into a walking boot. Im also scheduled to start PT the following day. Can anyone offer any insight as to what it will be like going into the walking boot following this type of surgery? Im guessing Ill be walking slowly at first. Will I be able to remove the walking boot when taking a shower or will I have to continue to cover it up? What about dealing with a 1 year old crawling (possibly walking) all over the place? lol

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