Thread: Osteoarthritis Arthritis in foot & ankle Need advice
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Re: Arthritis in foot & ankle Need advice

Well, this is WAY after the fact but I found out giving up wheat (bought the Wheat Belly book), helped with stiffness and some pain. Used to be, after eating out, I would have to stand for a while to get my legs and feet to a working point again. Not anymore. I slip up with wheat once in a while. I don't have celiac so it's my pain if I do but sometimes I get hungry for pizza, etc. Haven't had toast in weeks! Good luck

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My foot did hurt a lot. The thing that got me to go and get it checked was waking up in the middle of the night feeling like someone was jamming an ice pick in that joint. OUCH! I haven't seen a rheumatologist, but I have been referred. I learned I had rheumatoid factors in my blood. It is probably nothing, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to get checked. It will likely take awhile to see that person but that is okay.

I have been learning a lot about wheat lately. I may see about going wheat-free to see if that helps any. I have some OA in other joints and I'd like to keep my joints as healthy as possible.

My foot is way better since the surgery. In fact I walked in a cancer walk last summer and walked 60 kilometres in two days in Vancouver. I never could have done that before the surgery. :-)