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severe health anxiety

For the past two years I have been dealing with severe anxiety disorder and severe hypochondria, it's literally ruining my life. all day, everyday i think about dying, or things that are in my body trying to kill me. i become fixated on a specific disease and it consumes my life. last year i was convinced i had a brain aneurysm and there was no convincing me otherwise. finally my doctor became so concerned with my anxiety that he sent me for an MRI just to prove to me that there was no aneurysm. when the results came back i felt better, i went back to living my life and being happy, i graduated from college, had an amazing summer, got a job and was very happy.. then this past January my right leg started to hurt and i became convinced that i had DVT, a blood clot in my right leg to be exact. the pain comes and goes, everyone else tells me that it's probably caused by the torn acl i currently have in my knee, but my thigh hurts, why would my knee cause my thigh to hurt.. im obsessed with measuring my legs to make sure one isn't more swollen than the other, this new fear is consuming my life just like the aneurysm from last year. normally i would go to the doctor so that i could feel better, but i don't have health insurance anymore.. im scared and i feel alone because no one understands what this feels like, my family laughs it off and says that im crazy.. my boyfriend doesn't know how to help me anymore, my life is falling apart and idk what to do anymore..

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