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Re: Surgery Tomorrow, 2-22-13

Well I'm glad you've got your surgery scheduled!

It's been 7.5 hours since my surgery and here's how I feel: I'm laying in bed feeling VERY sore. My URQ hurts, the right side of my back hurts really bad and my throat hurts really bad from the tube they put down it (I assume). It hurts to get up and go to the bathroom - just the act of walking. It hurts to take a deep breath in.

I took Tylenol 3 a few hours ago, but about 15 minutes ago I read the bottle and it says you're supposed to take two, and I only took one. So that's probably why I haven't felt any relief.

Hoping to sleep. I was up at 4am this morning (and the 2 nights prior because of pain. ironic, no?) I haven't really eaten much - maybe about 8 ounces of vegetable broth. Just not in the mood for food. Otherwise just laying here in bed trying to relax (haha. good luck with THAT, Lisa)

I will keep posting updates for others' future reference.

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