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Re: Limb Girdle 2a pain

Tha'ts my pleasure. I've had this for half my life now declining at a very slow rate from walking fine to limping to using a walker and now a wheelchair and every day has something that is a challenge. From taking a few steps without losing your balance till tryng to roll over in bed

Something that helps me when my pain get's to me is strong migrane tablets. Sounds like it makes no sense but well it works for me.

Staying off your feet (although you want to be mobile as long as possible) and now using an electronic wheelchair is a blessing for me.

I clean the house, cook, wash dishes etc from my chair that in the past would have been an extreme painful task.

I know a positive attitude is sooooo hard. Been there done that but for me remembering that I can still take care of myself for now gives me no choice but to know I'm still ok

Sometimes I do get down and cry and have a "I feel sorry for myself" moment but it passes and I watch a movie to cheer myself up

Only you can change things for yourself and yes listening to someone else helps but in the end you can only rely on yourself as to how you feel

Well here is a huge "HUG" from me

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