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House sitting questions...

Good morning and thanks for all responses, so my neighbor who was to retire this year informed me that she has accepted a position in New Jersey for the next 2 yrs, FYI I have always did walk abouts and gotten her mail as she has always worked out of town, but she was always home on weekends and I never had a key. So she has asked me to house sit (daily visits), I'm a little overwhelmed right now and cannot think of all the things I need to know, like where the water shut off value is, the fuse box, contact name and phone # in case of a emergency, flush toilets daily, run tap faucets daily etc..., now she did tell me she has a grass cutter coming in but nothing about a gardener, she lives on 1 acre of land with lots of flower and veggie gardens, it cannot look like no one lives there I plan on speaking with the lawn guy to work on this (I live in chronic pain and other issues I can't do this type of work), anything you can think of that I should discuss with her before she leaves on Sunday, and as well no mention of the monetary value of this service was mentioned but she did ask my hubby if 50 dollars was enough to pay for the lawn service using her equipment??? I do not even know how to politely ask her intentions, as family/friends say that 2yrs is a long time to expect someone to tend to your home for free, I am not looking for a lot just something in good faith? As well I have never charged her for looking out for her home (last 3 yrs) as I felt it was the neighborly thing to do. I feel this is a major responsibilty. All ideas are welcomed and appreciated, thanks again. Bunz (:

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