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Re: help needed truely unsure what to do

Well, I figured I'd keep everyone posted that tried to help me out.. I talked to my dr, pretty much tokd him the same thing that I did the last time. That the oxycontin didnt last as long as it was supposed to, and infact was only lasting 8 1/2 - 9 hours if I was lucky... I didnt even bring up the roxycodone. After everyone making the point that the dr would be unlikely to switch me from a long acting med to a short acting (which after thinking about it def makes sense), even if it does seem to work better..

The doc didnt even really say a word about my issue after I brought it up.. Infact, he went started talking about things that had nothing to do with me, my conditions, or my meds.. So I think its time to try and find a new one. So that brings up a few more questions. I want to do everything the right way.. How do I go about this? Do I have to get another referal from my primary doc, or can I just call another pain specialists office and explain the situation??

no34evr, I'm a 100% disabled P&T veteran.. I've actually been seen at the local VA hospitals pain clinic, but went through the same situation shortly after I got out of the Navy.. It was actually ALOT worse though.. Right before I got medically retired, the navy dics had me on two oxy 10 mgs a day, and two percocets a day as well for break through pain. The pain clinic at the VA only wanted to give me 3 vicodin 5mgs a day though.. I'd like to go back to the VA again so it would cut down my medical expenses every month, but I dont want to go through the sane situation.. It didnt make any sense what so ever for them to do that! I was only rated at 40% at that point because the VA had my claim screwed up, which I had to fight them about for 4 years... I'll stop there though because I could write a book about that ordeal.. The reason I brought uo me only being 40% though, could that be the reason they were only trying to give me the vicodins?? I know that seems dumb, but the way the VA is set up crazy, and I could almost see them having guidelines saying that only a certain percentage and above warrents the stronger pain meds..

Any and all help has been appreciated, and will be. Thank you all again.