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Re: House sitting questions...

It's up to you, but you need to really think this is over before you commit to it. Are you willing to do it at all? Making a DAILY visit to someone else's place, neighbor or not, is a big commitment. What if you want to go out of town, get sick, the weather is horrible, you get really busy, whatever. Would you be more willing to do it if the neighbor did something in return for you e.g. paid you, let you use the property. What if something goes wrong - assume she is shutting off the water and thinking about issues if the property freezes - but other stuff can happen like a fire starting or a gas leak that can be a big problem, or someone could break in between your daily rounds. It sounds like she is leaving tomorrow but you should be clear if you don't want to make this commitment or if you want something in return. Hopefully she has told her insurance agent that the property is empty because if she leaves that detail out, it could affect her ability to collect on any claims. I wish you luck, but don't let yourself be bullied into a long term commitment to something you don't want to do. Given the short notice, you could offer to do it for a month and after that she has to get someone else.

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