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Re: Excess Bile Production - why?!

Originally Posted by aelise View Post
What is the prognosis for you then? Does the surgeon think gb removal will help? I read today that only 5% or less of gb removal patients experience continuing symptoms. That makes me feel better, personally. I was under the impression it was much more common.

Good luck, do keep us updated and let us know how the surgery went! I'm hoping you get some relief after the procedure :-)
Surgeon did not say symptoms would go away , he does not know if removal will take care of things or not just said all test show normal and high ejection rate on hida scan is all we have to go on and my symptoms do sound like a gb problem. Both my grandmothers , mother , daughter and two of my nieces have had their gb removed and all had relief. My niece had an ejection rate of 93% and mine is 92% . She has not been sick a day since removal so i am praying i will be the same.