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Re: House sitting questions...

Hi bunz,
It seems like your name should be honeybunz!

What a sweetheart you are! It's wonderful of you to do what you can to be neighborly, doing some house sitting and all!

I hope you will keep in mind that what she is asking now is not at all house sitting. What she is requesting is called Property Management. To look after property for longer than a few days is a Legal Commitment that requires more than an oral agreement or a few words on a paper. To protect you or anyone that helped you, an agreement MUST be reviewed and drawn up by your own attorney (not by hers!).

I am also disabled, though I can shop for myself and look after my home, and work a little...and I believe what she wants is too much to deal with for a person with the disability you described. That you check on things for her occasionally as a neighborly thing to do is not at all what is needed in regard to extended absence.

I would not get involved unless I had legal advice and consulted an attorney and have a legal document drawn up and signed by each of you, including your husband or anyone else that might help you do this!!!!! A legal document must state in detail what you are required to do, and detail that you are not in any manner responsible for any cost or problem that might arise from her absense...none whatsoever, and that she alone is responsible for any cost. Because believe me, if there were even a robbery you would get held accountable for not properly securing the place.

And, if her property was not exactly as she expected you would be held legally responsible, and even if you were absolved of any wrong doing, it would cost you extensive attorney fees.

I don't know if you are, but if you are on SSI or SSDI, anything you get paid MUST be reported as income...not so much if she gave a few dollars now and then, but to take on property management for two years or get paid anything substantial, if you don't report it then she takes you to court because she doesn't like what happened to her property, even if she found dirt on her floor, it easily can come back to bite you later.

You probably can find an attorney to get a free consultation, by calling around and saying you are considering managing someone 's property while she is away for two years and you want to know what legal documents would be needed. From there you can tell right away if you are seriously interested in it or not.

Your neighbor is just looking after her own interests, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is up to you to look after your own best interest, too. It's wonderful to be as kind as you are. It is equally wonderful for you to also have healthy boundaries and not let others take advantage of your generosity or allow yourself to be drawn into a legal bind.

It seems highly presumptive for her to take a job without arranging to pay an accredited Property Manager...someone whose business is to oversee hired workers and care-take property. Believe me that kind of work requires an extensive legal document to absolve you of any responsibility if anything goes wrong.

Let us know how this goes sweetheart!!

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