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Re: Excess Bile Production - why?!

Originally Posted by cabin921 View Post
Surgeon did not say symptoms would go away , he does not know if removal will take care of things or not just said all test show normal and high ejection rate on hida scan is all we have to go on and my symptoms do sound like a gb problem. Both my grandmothers , mother , daughter and two of my nieces have had their gb removed and all had relief. My niece had an ejection rate of 93% and mine is 92% . She has not been sick a day since removal so i am praying i will be the same.
Well I wish you luck. I will probably be headed down the same road myself. All the doctors know right now is my stomach/duodenum have too much bile in them. Even though I'm scheduled to do a gastric empty study, I've had one before and it was negative. I don't have any pain or anything associated with my gallbladder but an overactive one is a serious possibility I think. Given that my symptoms aren't too bad, I might be able to get away with some dietary/lifestyle modifications, maybe some medications. If I could be sure that taking my gallbladder out would help, I would do it in a second. But I'm more concerned that they will take it out and my symptoms will worsen, or stay the same. Who knows.

Makes me wish I had h. pylori or one of the autoimmune diseases they suspected I had. At least those can be better managed.