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Re: Post-Vitrectomy Vision & Possibility of Repeat Retinal Detachment

Hi OP. I'm in a similar position and hope you the best.

I am 31 years old and have been diabetic since I was born. 3 Years ago I had a partially detached retina in my right eye which was repaired with laser. A month ago the eye re-detached and I was forced to get a vitrectomy with C2F6 gas. 1 week later the eye re-detached and they performed the surgery with C3F8. This lasted up until 2 days ago when the eye began to re-re-detach. I am now scheduled to go in for a 3rd vitrectomy, this time with oil, on Monday.

What really concerns me is my employer went out of business a few weeks before the first detachment in January. Yesterday I received a letter in the mail saying our insurance group policy was cancelled by the bankruptcy appointed trustee and that at the end of February our insurance will be cancelled, regardless of whether we already paid for COBRA coverage or not. This means I will be trapped with silicone oil in my eye but uninsured and unable to have it removed. This has me very concerned.

As for results, I too see extreme waviness in the repaired eye following both vitrectomies. My OCT looks like a steep plateau in the middle. My doctor said it may have been caused by the surgeon when he tried to flatten out the retina. I also suffer from extreme double vision after both surgeries.

Does anyone know how long the oil can be left in the eye? How is living with the oil in my eye. Some have described it as being drunk, others as being dizzy or sea sick or trying to walk on a moving train or boat. What do people think of having oil left in the eye indefinetely?