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Re: Excess Bile Production - why?!

Originally Posted by aelise View Post
Well I wish you luck. I will probably be headed down the same road myself. All the doctors know right now is my stomach/duodenum have too much bile in them. Even though I'm scheduled to do a gastric empty study, I've had one before and it was negative. I don't have any pain or anything associated with my gallbladder but an overactive one is a serious possibility I think. Given that my symptoms aren't too bad, I might be able to get away with some dietary/lifestyle modifications, maybe some medications. If I could be sure that taking my gallbladder out would help, I would do it in a second. But I'm more concerned that they will take it out and my symptoms will worsen, or stay the same. Who knows.

Makes me wish I had h. pylori or one of the autoimmune diseases they suspected I had. At least those can be better managed.
I had no gb pain in the beginning just felt sick thought at first it was just too much stomach acid or maybe ulcer so i bought some otc zantac and it did help with the sick stomach feeling but things just kept getting worse and then the pain started but my pain has never been really severe , maybe because i dont have stones just overactive and the excess bile is maybe what is causing the stomach issues . My stomach would have a burning feeling and sometimes would have a gnawing feeling when it first started now that is pretty much gone and i just get sick to my stomach and have pain under right rib and in back and lots of gas. Hope you can find out what it is and get to feeling better soon.