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Re: Surgery Tomorrow, 2-22-13

Well, I'm about 40 hours post surgery. Still in a lot of pain, but I think it's mostly from the gas. The incision areas themselves aren't hurting that bad.

I took a shower a few hours ago, and when I got out, I was crazy dizzy and nauseous. Totally thought I was going to pass out. I quick got dressed and came back to bed. Before I showered, I took the anti-nausea patch off that was behind my ear. Apparently that really WAS helping.

So I haven't been doing much walking around today. I did eat a piece of toast and I'm still working on the smoothie my husband made for me this morning. I'm just not that hungry.

I was REALLY hoping I'd be one of those people who felt a million times better immediately after surgery. I guess that's just not my luck.