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Re: My girlfriend's iron issues...NEED HELP!

I agree -- get some labs done, maybe a full anemia panel as well as thyroid labs. I was diagnosed with anemia back in the Fall and was diagnosed with hypothyroid just a month or so later, so it seems the two might sometimes go hand-in-hand. It may be that the detoxes she has been doing are no longer working for her thyroid. When I was first diagnosed with anemia, my levels were so low that not only did they put me on 3 iron tablets a day, but when it was found that my B-12 was low as well, I had to get a B-12 shot every day for a week, then once a week for a month, and now I go once a month. The needles my doctor uses for them are so small that I barely feel the stick. What's a bit more problematic for me is that with my Synthroid, I can't take my iron tablets any sooner than 4 hours either before or after the Synthroid, so I sometimes forget to get in all 3 tablets, but I do get in at least 2.

Fatigue, feeling cold, hair loss, moodiness, weakness, and body aches can be symptomatic of both conditions. I'm getting better, myself, but I still have times when I have body aches and fatigue after a long day of teaching school. I just take a pain reliever and go to bed early. My hair seems to be getting better, and I don't feel as weak as I have in the past. I did have a colonoscopy and an endocscopy back in December to rule out internal bleeding, and nothing was found.

If she is Vegan, the best things for her to eat will probably be dark, leafy greens like spinach and turnip/collard greens.