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Superior Canal Dehiscence - Toronto area?

I've had strange symptoms for over 10 years now that no doctor has been able to diagnose. Recently I started to research my symptoms again and for the first time read the story of someone dealing with the exact symptoms... and the cause was Superior Canal Dehiscence. The symptoms I've been dealing with:

-I hear my eyes move. 24/7. For about 11 years now I hear a constant rubbing sound along with a vibration with every single tiny movement of my eyes

-I hear my heartbeat in my left ear almost constantly, and at times I can actually hear my blood rushing through my veins very loudly.

-The sound of my humming is extremely loud and accompanied by vibrations in my head. I don't hum. :-/

-Much of the time, my voice sounds very loud and 'irritating' to me, like the feeling you get when your ears are plugged with water.

-I hear my neck move constantly.

-I hear actually hear my footsteps and they reverberate inside my head. It's bad enough when I'm in sock feet but almost unbearable when I'm wearing heels.

-I don't know if this is related, but when I turn my eyes sharply to the left, I often get a feeling like I'm going to pass out.

All these symptoms have been very difficult to live with over the years. I now have a small hope that perhaps there's a way to treat this, but the surgery sounds terrifying. Have any of you in the Toronto area had surgery for this condition? I understand there's a specialist in London who uses a less invasive surgery that he's had success with. Any information would be very much appreciated. Thank you!


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