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Re: Your LPR thoughts please...

Hi, i feel your pain. I suffered with a burning throat for 6yrs before a Dr finally diagnosed me with GERD which was only 18mnth ago. I am now pregnant so unable to have a scope until after the birth and i'm so terrified about what damage has been done.
Anyway it definitely sounds like GERD, sometimes the acid from your stomach can make it's way into the esophagus and create the symptoms you describe. This can also affect your sinus. Do you get idigestion or pain after eating? Sometimes you might not feel like you have acid reflux but it actually can happen at night when you're sleeping so try propping yourself up on pillows and don't eat at least 2hrs before bed time. Try to avoid foods that are acidic like tomataoes and tomato base things, citrus, caffiene and spicey foods. You should definitely see a Dr, they will probably prescribe you something the reduce the acid in your stomach and then go from there. Good luck