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Originally Posted by hamsta44 View Post

In March 2011, I slipped down some stairs on my back-feet first. From that time on I ended up with a severe hunch over, weakening in my left arm and right leg gained calf cramps. I saw the Doc the day after and was X-rayed, given some pain killers and that was that.
By a fluke, while seeing a hand surgeon about another thing, the weakness in my left arm was commented on. It was much worse by now.
I was sent to one of the top neurosurgeons and promptly given an MRI scan.
The results:
Cervical spine
Alignment is normal.
No active bone oederna.

C2/3/4/5 No significant abnormality.

C5/6/7 Moderate to severe bilateralneural foraminal narrowing secondary to uncovertebral disc osteophyte complexes. No obvious disc protrusion.

C7/T1 No abnormality.

Craniocervical junction and cervical cord are normal in appearance.
No focal bone lesions. No paraspinal soft tissue abnormality.

Lumbar spine:

Distal thoracic cord and conus are normal in appearance.

L1/2 No abnormality.

L2/3 shallow broad-based posterior disc bulging. No neural compromise.

L3-5 No abnormality.

L5/S1: 3mm anterolistheses secondary to bilateral L5 pars defects. Mild-moderate bilateral neural foiramina narrowing secondary to bulging and anterolisthesis. No focal disc protrusion. No spinal canal narrowing. Mild bilateral facet arthropathy.

No focal bone lesion. No paravertebral abnormality.

1. C5-C6 and C6-C7 spondylotic changes associated with bilateral neural foromina narrowing.
2, L5/S1 spondylitic spondylolisthesis associated with bilateral neural foarnina narrowing.

The surgeon suggests fusion of the C5-7 section.

Prior to the fall, I was able to walk normally, ride my bike etc but not now.

What I am wondering is what may be instore for the future after the fix,

Also what it is possible to do afterwards.

I forgot to add, that in Jan this year, I saw a chiropractor who managed to get me able to stand straight again and had a session of deep tissue massage which helped aleviate the cramps