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Re: Vitamin D levels

Lisa Marie,
I think you are freaking out! I say this with a smile! I am teasing you!
Youve already got yourself convinced of so many things- this is the anxiety talking and if you werent anxious, something would be wrong with you! However - and this I do mean seriously, try to get it under control before you start psyching yourself into all sorts of illness/ problems.

Vitamin D levels can be measured in nmol/L or ng/ ml. Not knowing which you are referring to, your levels are low either way; however they can change from week to week- and they arent critically low- and if you hadnt had them tested, you wouldnt have even known they were throw this out the window. Yes, low vitamin D levels can cause some symptoms, but not life threatening ones....your doctor will probably tell you to start taking some over the counter supplements. (I take 2000 iu a day). Make sure if you purchase Vitamin D, you get D3, or Calcipherol, which is the most absorbed type, much like sunlight. And spend ten minutes in the sun with your face/ arms exposed each will help.

As for the other tests which you are talking about- they are done simply to see how badly you do on them. Most people CANNOT stand with their feet together and close their eyes without tipping. IT doesnt mean that most people have MS....the heel to toe test is also a double edged sword. Most people cannot do it, but the length of time, or steps you can take before it becomes a problem, can help determine certain things for a neuro. What about the strength tests? The reflex tests? You cant give them to yourself, and these are more important- these will tell a doctor if you are responding normally. This is why Im smiling at your are now convincing yourself of soo many things being wrong- but in essence they might not be wrong at all. Just because you think you cant do them (and your family cant do them) doesnt mean that all of you arent doing them to a satisfactory level. okay??

Your anxious. Youre supposed to be. It wouldnt be normal if you werent...but you are the exact same person you were a week/ month/ year ago- and long before anyone ever suggested MS or you started looking up symptoms. Try to remember that. Worse case? You join our club...its not a bad club to be in. Best case? You have a vitamin deficiency, which is completely fixable. MS isnt a terrible thing- it takes some adjustments, but it also makes you a heck of alot more aware of your body and your own needs. If you pay attention to this and allow your body to tell you what it needs, you can live with this easily enough.....ive had it for 8+ years. I am a fulltime mom, wife, homemaker- I work 60+ hours a week in sales management. I also am finishing my highest level of education, a doctorate degree in business. And yes, I have MS and have had it through all of this.....

Let yourself sit back and smile today. Your appointment isnt going to change your life instantly. There are so many tests which you will either have to go through, or you will be told arent necessary, that answers probably are not going to be instantaneous, and if you dont allow yourself to "go with the flow" youre going to make yourself sick over this.... try to remember that this isnt the end of the world, that you have US to lean on...that no one gets it better than we do...and that we will be here for you. Youre not alone in this journey, okay?

The other statistic I want to give you is that there are 400 diseases which present like MS. That means you only have a 1:400 chance that it is....okay?
So, dont put the cart before the horse......spend today smiling and telling yourself that no matter what- its going to be okay. Because it is.

RRMS- dx 05