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Re: nerve pain in chest?

If the lesions are in your abdomen they could be your culprit and then laser therapy may help with breaking them up and the pain. I did weekly treatments for 8 months. They really helped with the lesions and scar tissue damage and temporarily lessened the nerve pain. I found my scars changed texture on the surface and my stomach and intestine issues were basically cured. The pain however remained but that's because of how deep the damage is.

Thankfully I've never experienced a doctor like you describe... though my old family doc and my gastro specialist kept me under medicated for my nerve pain for years.
My pain started after a liver biopsy; my liver enzymes were extremely high or all over the map. It took me changing provinces - I'm in Canada, to get better care for the pain but I still have no clue as to why my liver enzymes were as they were. The old docs say autoimmune hepatitis. My new doc admits she doesn't know why.

I hope you find some help.

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