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Re: House sitting questions...

Hello Jill and thank-you very much for the compliment and your response!! Well my husband and I after serious discussions with our neighbor(there were 4 other people there as witnesses) about the responsibility and any legalities of doing this have agreed to a trial run, we will converse via phone with our neighbor weekly and if I feel I cannot do this then we know of a couple of people(2 of the witnesses) that would do a good job and not take advantage of her. Neighbor knows my health issues and she understands completely with no issue. I just can't turn my back, she is recently widowed, her son works/lives in China and her daughter lives in Boston and she has no other family/friends here. Now you may think I am nuts, but no conversation about being paid came up, now having said this I truly believe that my neighbor will do something or give me something in return, that is just her nature and culture, she knows no one does anything for free. This is fine as I am in Canada and yes on CPP-Disability, and I know I can earn so much monthly but I would rather not get into that, then they may (CPP) start thinking I can return to the work force and in reality I could not. Just hoping I haven't bitten off more than I can chew, but feeling better since we spoke and laid the cards on the table about any issues, and like I said I have the choice to back out at anytime now thanks to 2 good friends. We live in a small rural community and everyone pitches in to help each other I guess and I feel its the right thing to do at least right now.
Thanks again Holy Moly!!
Oh by the way did you study law by chance as some things you said made sense hence the reason for the big discussion!


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