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Re: severe health anxiety

I don't have an answer for your problems, but I can say I do the same thing. I'm a 70 yo widow and I think I have everything in the health books. I fear dying, fear someone will find me dead. I can easily convince myself I have cancer all over my body. It's hard to describe how your mind can control so much. I am ashamed to tell anyone what depressing thoughts come into my mind. I can worry about disease in my body for weeks. I worry about blood pressure, heart attacks, cancer--everything you can think of. The other day I got on this board and just typed in hypochrondia and wham--lots of the posts described me to a "T." I felt so much better. I even imagine things wrong with my dog!!! I read about Cushing's disease in dogs, and then I was sure she has it. I think the best thing to do (and I read it in a post) is to eat healthy and exercise. This sounds terrible, but it's nice to know how much this effects many people. Hope you soon feel better.