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Re: 8.5 months post stroke

Hi there. Thanks for the post. You sound like you're in good spirits. I agree that it's frustrating not knowing exactly what the future will be. I'm at 3 months post-stroke and am currently unable to work or even drive. Although I can walk, my balance is very poor. Most days I am very dizzy with almost constant nausea-like I'm walking on a boat. The symptoms are definitely worse if I over do it. And that can be just folding laundry! So, do these symptoms go away or do some stay and some go.

My biggest question is "Am I disabled now? Will I qualify for Social Security?" Boy, talk about your life changing in a day. I still consider myself to be a lucky to be alive.I have a wonderful husband who has been disabled with cardiomyopathy since he was 45, and now takes care of me. And, I have two amazing daughters that I am very close to. It would just be nice to know how I'm going to be so I can step up to the plate and play the game! Hope everyone is hanging in there