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Re: Post-Vitrectomy Vision & Possibility of Repeat Retinal Detachment

Hi cknite,

I really sympathise with you since you have already gone through multiple retinal detachments and vitrectomies at this young age, and have fallen into this insurance predicament.

Although I do have some double vision after the vit sx., it does not sound as bad as yours, as I am recovering most of my stereoscopic vision, especially, at smaller distances (like office space or at home, etc.). The dr says the latter will improve somewhat when I get my prescription lenses (presently, I am using none just because of the other dominant eye, but I know I need one for the operated eye). So, perhaps your double vision may also improve with time. Unfortunately, I have no experience with oil replacement in the eye - I had the usual air bubble, which promptly vanished in 2-3 weeks. The silicone oil is usually used instead of air bubble for more difficult and repeated RD cases as yours, or patients who cannot be in face-down position. But it is removed after few weeks/months. You should talk to the dr about its bad effects if left too long. How's your vision with it? Can you drive and all?

By the way, if you are without job and insurance, there is the (government) COBRA insurance which you should look into, which people can use for 18 months or so when they find themselves suddenly out of job and insurance. There are some nominal monthly premiums, and the coverage may be smaller than your usual company-sponsored insurance. But, I think, if I were you I would still use it to the fullest for taking care of my eye rather than leave it to chance. I am sorry I cannot be of further help to you, but I sincerely hope somehow you will come out of this with improved vision.