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Re: Post-Vitrectomy Vision & Possibility of Repeat Retinal Detachment

Hi vitcat2,

Thank you for the response and the sympathy. I really do appreciate you taking time to respond and hope you the best in your recovery. Hope your stereoscopic vision comes back and you end up with no double vision.

The irony of it all is that the day before the most recent detachment, I had visited the dr and he said he really didn't think the retina would re-detach at that point. Then the next evening I noticed a sudden and increasing loss of brightness in the eye. From my understanding the oil is much more likely to cause a cataract. I'm assuming the length of time the oil is left in the eye is proportional to that likelihood but I will ask the surgeon tomorrow.

As for COBRA, I was employed until the week before Christmas when we were notified the company was bankrupt. I went ahead and paid COBRA out to June. Three days ago I received a certified letter from the trustee assigned to liquidating the assets of my former employer which said that they were cancelling the COBRA group policy as the liquidation of the firm had been finalized and hence there was no reason to continue servicing the plan. Now I've got to figure out who to call to get my COBRA money refunded for that...

My appointment is tomorrow. I am going to ask about the risk of leaving the oil in for a while as you suggest.

I am going to look at this as a good thing since the Dr said of my steep OCT ridge that the only solution would be a 3rd attempt and with the retina looking so good (at the time) it would be inadvised to detach the retina and try again. This way I'm getting that 3rd chance at a flat retina without having to take a gamble and go for an otherwise unneeded procedure.