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Re: high wbc (mainly neutrophils), and platelets

You need to get tested for JAK2 gene. My husband has high platelets and high WBC...neutrophils are high.. After FORCING (i had to yell and cuss) our primary care dr to send him to hospital because of severe headaches....they did CBC and CT scan of his brain...said everything was fine....however...they didn't bother to tell us his platelets were 911 and his WBC was 14.2, neutrophils were 82. We were referred to Neurologist who ordered an MRI....they called us the next more and said to go to the hospital and they had a room already ready for him, he was being directly admitted. MRI revealed Cerebral Venous Thrombis (in Left transverse sinus and sigmoid sinus...and partial thrombosis in superior Sagittal sinus) other words, his veins that drain blood out of his brain were clogged up with blood clots. We were in the hospital for 6days....they sent him home on high does of blood thinners. So that was one problem. Now, back to bloodwork... A week later (last week), the Hematology Oncologist called us in....he has a a Myleoproliferative Disorder....a very rare form of a type of blood cancer (can turn into Chronic Myleoid Leukemia)....called Essential Thrombocythemia.

It is INCURABLE. For now, he is on Coumadin, which is a blood thinner, and HYDROXYUREA , which is a chemotherapy drug. THIS OFTEN GOES UNDETECTED....THE JAK2 mutation is usually a common factor in patients diagnosed with this. MOST HEMATOLOGISTS AND ONCOLOGISTS DO NOT OFTEN TREAT THIS, AS IT IS SO RARE....BRING IT UP...MAKE THEM TEST YOU.

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