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Re: Post-Vitrectomy Vision & Possibility of Repeat Retinal Detachment

Originally Posted by vitcat2 View Post
I have had vitrectomy with retinal repair (laser+cryo retinopexy) done on my left eye about 3 weeks ago for retinal detachment. There were multiple retinal tears at the top left portion (9:00-12:00), as well as the bottom 7:00-8:00 sector, despite having gone through a preventative 360-degree laser-retinopexy. The surgeon said that the cone cells at the fovea, which gives visual acuity and color sensation, and is inside the central macular region, were also involved in the detached portion but there is no sign of ERM (epi-retinal membrane). The air bubble was gone on the 18th day, and my previous vitreous with floaters has now been replaced fully by saline solution and body's natural fluids. The surgeon says the retina has also been re-attached properly and is becoming flatter and flatter against its base (RPE - retinal pigment epithelium). So far, so good!

I can now see most of the things with that eye but have the following vision distortions, whence, this post:
(i) image is slightly smaller and displaced (double vision) than that from my other eye (which has 20/20 vision)
(ii) it is also wavy (vertical and horizontal lines look wavy), and
(iii) not that sharp (it was 20/50 on the 16th day, and improved somewhat with the screen-with-hole test; reading improves somewhat with my old reading glasses with +1.5D; words on the computer screen or book look wiggly though). Due to the image displacement my "depth of field" perception was not that great but is better now than a few days ago, so that I could start driving on the 19th day - the further the objects, the larger is the image displacement from the other eye. I should also add that the same eye also had cataract surgery some 11 years ago with the artificial lens (IOL) giving me 20/20 vision before the retinal detachment happened. Further, the other eye (right) also has gone through cataract surgery (11 years ago), laser retinopexy for retinal tears, and vitrectomy/retinal-repair surgery for peripheral retinal detachment (6 months ago), has ERM now, but I got back 20/20 vision in about 2.5 weeks. I guess for most of my daily activities my "dominant" right eye must have taken over since I feel comfortable driving and walking around now. The doctor said that I should wait at least 6 weeks before getting any corrective lenses for my left eye, and it may take weeks/months before the left-eye vision stabilizes.

My questions are the following (in order of importance):
1. Can the image-displacement problem (double vision) and difference in image size be rectified with corrective lenses? The double vision appears to be the more annoying problem presently.
2. Can the visual acuity in both far field and near-field be improved at all, in terms of wiggliness/waviness?
3. Has somebody else gone through similar vision problems after vitrectomy+retina repair, but largely gotten back their depth of field and visual acuity? Any success stories?
4. Having gone through these retinal repair surgeries, what's the possibility of getting retinal detachment again?
5. If I already have IOLs in both eyes, can cataract-related disease happen again because that seems to be the most common post-vitrectomy problem?

Thanks for reading through my long post, and I will appreciate any input from you. This has been a long, arduous journey, and I am only 58 years young.
Hi Vitcat,
You have really been through a lot and I can sure appreciate it.
I had the retina repair in 2011 and just had cataract surgery last week.
My vison is greatly improved, but the wavy lines from my retina repair are still there and I'm think they will probably always be. I'm just thankful for the clearer vision after the IOL implant, but I don't know of anything that will help the wavy stuff.
hang in there,