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Re: Surgery Tomorrow, 2-22-13

Hi Everyone!

Post Op: Day #3, 72 hours after surgery

I got to take the "dressing" off of the incision sites this morning before I showered, so what's left are the Steri Strips. Yuck. The two incisions on the top have a slight black and blue tinge around them and seem a tiny bit swollen. I guess that's to be expected since that's where the gallbladder was. Very sore still, and a bit nauseous but the nausea feels a bit better after eating some plain cream of wheat made with water. I felt hungry for the first time yesterday, so that's good. I stopped taking narcotics and am only taking Tylenol now, because I think the narcotics are what made me throw up on Saturday night. I haven't taken it since Saturday afternoon and my nausea hasn't been as bad as it was, so take that for what it's worth.

I can walk around better, but I have to be hunched over and walk slowly. But at least I'm not dizzy anymore so I don't have to hold on to anything.

It still hurts to burp, cough, laugh, etc - but I suppose that's going to take a while to feel better.

My husband goes back to work today, so today might be a challenge. We're going to have a talk with my 4 year old daughter and make sure she understands that mommy can only do so much right now. And I will have to keep reminding myself that this is temporary, that it's okay if the house is messy and I'm not cooking great meals. I know to some that might not seem hard, but I'm a "clean freak" and seeing my house not really being taken care of is driving me nuts. LOL

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