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Re: My 13 yr old son is addicted to X box

My mom and dad would have taken the xbox away the first time I skipped school. There's no law saying you have to give kids things like xbox and spending money and the coolest clothes and sneakers and all the stuff they like. Things like that don't come free in life, you have to work to get fun things, and kids "work" is to go to school and do the best they can, teach him this now.

This is no way to prepare him for life, what happens in ten years when he won't go to work? Are you planning to support him forever? What are your rules with your children? For example growing up my brother and I had to do our homework, and our chores Before we got to go play. This started as soon as we got to school. You could bet if I didn't do my homework or chores my mom or dad was coming to get me and drag me back in the house till my work was done. I hated them for it at the time but now we have a great relationship and I've seen what all the spoiled children I grew up with have become. They can't function on their own they are mid-twenties and haven't gone to college or studied a trade or built careers in anything. They complain about having no money yet call out from work every week and can't hold jobs because of lack of discipline.

Talk with his mother about the realities of preparing him for life, it's both of your responsibilities to prepare him for the real world. He needs tough love, and that doesn't mean you just scream or yell at him. You don't have to yell at all really just enforce some consequences for his actions and be firm no matter how much he screams of cries or complains.Good Luck.