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Re: Alternative to Bisphosphonates

Originally Posted by bearcubs View Post
Can someone tell me what type of over the counter medicine they have tried to build bone mass for someone who has osteoporosis. I don't want to use the bisphosphonates because there are so many side effects and problems with them. Please any ideas would be wonderful.

I've taken both Actonel and Forteo and never had any side effects. The side effects they list are only possible side effects. It doesn't mean you would have to have them. I also didn't gain any bone density while on these.

You can always try a medication and stop it if it affects you adversely. Overall I think it depends on how low one's bone density is and how at risk you are to tell you what you want to risk. It feels as though this stuff is pretty much guinea pig land. I still wonder what examples there are of actual cases of anyone's bone density increasing on these meds? They usually only site big study results telling how many fractures there were or weren't in one group. But with that how much could be attributed to other factors such as age, and lifestyle?

Weight lifting, walking, sunshine, natural hormones, and bone builder supplements that include D, K, Silica, Cal and Mag are one way to go if you aren't at a super high risk right now.