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Re: My 13 yr old son is addicted to X box

This is very odd to me. My dad was never a pushover with us. If we asked for something and he didn't think we needed it or thought it was a waste of our time, he said NO and that was the end of it. If any of us (there are 3 of us) would have even attempted to skip school for any reason other than actual illness, we'd have our butts handed to us pretty quickly. I am having a lot of trouble understanding how you, as his father, allowed things to escalate to this level where he actually stopped going to school. That's so weird to me because that would never be allowed in my family. How did you allow things to get to this level? I'm really interested to know because this is just completely strange to me?

Now that it's already at that level, obviously your first step is to remove all electronics from him and do not allow him any of that stuff. This business about "easing" him back into school is complete nonsense. Starting tomorrow, he needs to go back to school and quit acting like he owns the world. I'm sorry but for a 13 year old to quit school is completely and totally unacceptable. I think that to do anything other than forcing him to go back like tomorrow and for him to remain in school until he graduates high school AT LEAST is doing a huge disservice to him for his future.

I know some kids whose parents allowed them way too much leeway when we were growing up, and guess what? They're all unemployed losers almost age 40 who are still living with mommy and daddy because they literally never learned how to be independent functioning adults. I can think of a handful of people like that. Unless you want your kid to end up like that, I strongly suggest that you start kicking his butt into gear and stop kowtowing to his behavior, which once again is completely and totally unacceptable. He goes back to school tomorrow or else ship him off to a boot camp for bad kids because that might be the only way to get through to him if he fights you about it.