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Re: My 13 yr old son is addicted to X box

I have a little different approach. It's just my take on things. Your son is suffering from isolating himself with the Xbox. Too much exposure to electronics causes a disassociation from reality in some cases. It may be that it is difficult for him to associate with others especially at school. It may be causing him anxiety that you are not aware of. If the Xbox is in his room I would recommend that it is moved to a more social room in the home where others are around. Once lights are out for the night he needs to shut it down therefore limiting his time on the Xbox. The last thing he needs to feel is that he is being punished for something he cannot control since this has been going on for quite a while. I would also recommend that he becomes involved in some kind of physical activity away from all electronics. This distraction will help him stay off the Xbox and help him associate with others. I do agree that you need to be firm but any behavior that threatens him will make him do the opposite of what you want. He is 13 which is a very difficult age, becoming a man with all the male hormones making him feel aggressive at times. This is where physical activity will help him release some of his aggression rather than channeling it towards his mother and you. I saw the change in my sons at this age and it's not easy but a couple years later they are sweethearts. If at all possible spend some one on one time with him out of the home doing something fun and he may open up to you. I feel he is using the Xbox as his escape from dealing with life. It is definitely addicting. Whatever you do just remember to reinforce that he is loved.