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Re: Basal Joint surgery

Hi Haydena,

I'm glad to hear you have lots of diversions to keep you from getting too bored. I know exactly how you feel about being trapped in your splint. But I guess I would choose that any day over the pre-surgery pain and limitations. You must be feeling much stronger because that's when you start wanting everything to go much, much faster in the recovery.

Yes, it is certainly possible to lift weights seated, what I meant was that since I am not supposed to lift too much, I will certainly be able to lift 30 lb. boxes by the time I go to Florida. That will allow me to get my Mom's personal things packed and put into storage. I want my hand strength to be equal to the other, but I'm not concerned about lifting heavier weights for its own sake. My left is at 72 for grip and my right at 45, so there is a way to go, but not too bad. I too have been using my fingers to lift everything, so I think my general arm strength hasn't lost too much.

I'm hoping that my garden seeds come today or tomorrow so I can get them started. It always makes the last few weeks of winter go a little faster when I can dig in the dirt and watch my tomatoes and peppers grow in anticipation of spring planting.

You have a great weekend too. And hi to you Cassie.