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Re: Chronic all over muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue and headaches

Oh I totally do the "smile and say...oh I good, how are you!" to people. They ask out of politeness but not real concern. I know that Many members of my family literally just think I'm lazy. Now I'm not referring to my husband, children, or mother....but I have 3 sisters and a father that have distinct opinions. Of my 3 sisters, only 1 will actually ask me how I'm doing am mean it. She is the only one that shows any sympathy or concern for my physical well being. I think she understands more because she struggles with drugs and alcohol. I was always trying to wake my parents up to what was going on...obviously we were younger than, around college age. She resented me for a VERY long time after she was basically made to go to rehab...but it was the only way at the time to assure we'd have more time with her- she partied REALLY hard...a lot! She had actually been put on a ventilator in the hospital on 2 seperate occassions, among MANY other things. Ok...back to the topic...she is literally the only one that will ask me how I'm doing, and actually mean it. My back issues are major and have been going on for a really long time. These other issues seem to have been creeping up on me over the past 5+ yrs. Thank goodness for the family that do actually support me, they have made things much more tolerable. I even met a stranger a few weeks ago who only lasr week did we realize we both suffer from back problems and she's been diagnosed with FM almost 10 yrs ago. We spome at lenth and exchanged numbers ( she's a parent of another child that one of my childen participate in the same sport). She actually texted me after my rhuemy appointment to see how things went. the appointment. She obviously had actually read over everything on the forms I had filled out...and they were very in depth, specific, and lengthy forms!). So, according to her, my best case scenario is that, yes, I do have Fibro. However, that is only being said without blood work being back yet. Yes she retested the SED rate and was hoping that it would come back lower, she said it it came back the same or higher...she'd have to look further into an autoimmune issue. She will be running other tests as well, took 4 viles of blood, but can't recall exactly what she said...she did say she would run a number of tests and see where we stand. Apparently I had at least 12 of the tender points for FM. Blood work should hopefully be back on Fri. Glad I brought a copy of my blood work with me because my idiot of a regular dr apparently never sent it to hard is that? She also told me my regular dr. said he prescribed pt for me for my neck issues (car accident 2yrs ago), however he never called me to say if the xrays taken last week were clean or not nor did he call to tell me I should go to pt.(we know my feelings on him now!).

So basically that's were I now stand..hopefully I'll hear from her tomorrow...if nothing else come up in the blood work, I guess FM it is. Of course she mentioned trying to do some type of exercise would benifit me tremendously - and in there lies the catch 22 for me. My back issues are so bad and extremely limit what I can do. Even a simple little walk in our neighborhood isn't really possible because of the slightest hills. Now, in the summer when we go to the beach, I ALWAYS feel better and it allows me to go for short walks (the sand is hard so it's easir to walk on it as opposed to soft deep sand. People are always riding bicyles and walking along. It's the warmer weather in the summer that is easier for me, the cold, damp weather kills me (as I'm sure you ALL can sympathize with.)

So know I just wait another day and hope to hear something. It was very nice to go to a dr that actually listened to me and examined me! She asked tons of questions and it was nice to have a dr that seemed to understand what I was saying, even if I wasnt saying it exactly as I should...when I was stumbling to find the words about how stiff, tight, sore, my joints and muscles were...especially when trying to get up out of bed. My total lack of energy...she loomed at me and said, " many people say they feel they feel like they fought a fight in their sleep, and lost.." ..exactly I said! So, I'll keep you posted! Thanks