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Re: collagen vi spectrum disorder

You're totally fine! I'm slow to respond too because I've been really busy at work and with school. I'll try to get better too.

I'm really happy to have you to discuss things with too.

Yes, I was referred to Athena diagnotics too but Athena said they won't work with BCBS because it sends the payment to the patient (me) instead of directly to the lab. I feel like I've been outcasted by them but I guess I can understand why they do it (they want to be paid lol). My insurance company WILL pay for the tests. I've already called and given them CPT codes. Wow!! Thank you SOOOOO much for this information on NIH and Dr. Bonnemann...I've never heard of this center or him before. I really appreciate you giving me this information.

I never thought of the condition being worse than my current state for a possibility at least. Does your insurance cover IVF or is this something you pay for out of pocket? I'm just curious about what the future might hold for myself. Are you able to use your eggs and your husband's sperm then (I hope that wasn't too forward a question)? I don't think I want to use a donor's stuff. Also, does IVF give you better odds of not passing on the gene?


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